The Catastrophe Of Complacency

There is nothing more tragic than a man who has all the potential in the world but is unwilling to make that potential become a reality. They stop learning, building, and growing and start withering, shriveling, and dying. The man will show flashes of potential and growth and then show no motivation and just plateau in a place of blessing. This man will eat the fruits of labors past but is too satisfied to work for the labor of the future.

This man was me.

I was too satisfied with who I was and began to coast. I coasted in my workplace, my drive began to slow more into a stroll. My relationship with God became more like an acquaintance. God desired to commune with me when I was satisfied with a 30-minute visitation just to tell Him what I wanted to see. 

The catastrophe doesn’t lie in the feeling of being comfortable, it’s being so comfortable you’re not willing to go after what God has for you. You become more confident in your ability and don’t realize that your inability is why God uses you. In this holiday season, we notice a thing called seasonal depression. Every time around this year, I notice myself starting to slack off with everything I do, but I want to encourage everyone who reads this. God has something for you and wants you to be confident…but that confidence lies in Him! In this time don’t slack off because it’s in this time that when we strive after God we begin to grow again! 

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