The Man Of The House

We are consistently bombarded with the fallacies and misconceptions that real men don’t exist anymore. Honestly, from the way it looks in our culture that statement is very well true, well semi-true.

Any man can be a real man no matter who he is, but all you hear about is the ones who have left their wives now single and with a child. That is not a real man.

Real men exhibit confidence that occurs from the inside out. True confidence for a man relies all on who he is in God. No confidence in God will equal your family’s demise.

Confidence in God will carry over into your decision making. You will feel more at peace with the tough decisions. In the most difficult situations follow peace.

The last bit of confidence is confidence in yourself. Knowing that your confidence has been put into Christ will allow you to be more confident in who you are. Confidence is a full circle that consistently edifies you.

Be a man today and be confident in who God has made you to be!

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